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Are you a business owner
  • About to sign a contract with your supplier, customer or other business associate?
  • Seeking assistance on how to structure your business?
  • Facing an impending business dispute and concerned about your time, money and mental health?
We help you avoid, reduce and de-escalate business disputes,
so that you can focus on making a profit.




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  • Internal stakeholders

  • Customers and suppliers

  • Other business associates

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  • Negotiation

  • Mediation

  • Litigation

  • Arbitration


Q: How do you charge for your services? What is your hourly rate?

A: All work is done according to an agreed scope of work and agreed fixed fees. I do not charge by an hourly rate or by time spent.

Q: Can I use an online template for my agreements?

A: You can, if you understand the contents and know what suits your business. However it is like buying clothes off the rack - it may fit you but not very well, and in some cases the template may not even be the correct type.

Q: How can your advice on the type of relationship help my business?

A: Different relationships have different rights and duties. In a case of a dispute, it will also affect the type of judgments that the court can make. Picking the right relationship reduces the risk and scope of a future dispute.

Q: When do I need to engage a lawyer in a dispute?

A: If you are a company and you have received a Writ of Summons, you have 8 days to appoint lawyers to enter appearance for you. However it may be prudent to seek advice once you have received any letters of demand, to avoid compromising your rights or position in court.

Q: What are the benefits of mediation compared to litigation or arbitration?

A: To provide a quick summary, you have more control of the outcome, make the discussions private and confidential, and overall will cost less than litigation or arbitration to resolve the dispute (at least by a factor of five).

Q: Do you provide other business support services such as corporate secretarial support or tax? These are also what my business needs to thrive.

A: We recognise that other professionals are better at providing such business support services, and with your permission we will refer you to them. However we do not take any referral fees in such situations, in order to avoid any conflict of interest.



Ng Boon Gan

LL.B., National University of Singapore

Called to the Singapore Bar since 2015

Certified in Business Chinese Translation by SCCCI

I became a lawyer because I enjoyed reading and solving problems, and then I became a fan of Roger Fisher and Chris Voss.

Some of the work that I have done includes:

  • Preparing a shareholders' agreement for the Singaporean subsidiary of a Norwegian tech company

  • Negotiating to protect the interests of a Singaporean events company in a partial sale to a UK events company

  • Defending a Singaporean holding company's directors against claims of fraud and breach of trust in respect of Indonesian business interests


"Boon Gan helped to draft a deed for my family's business so that my relatives would not have to fight each other. We needed something simple but at the same time covering all the grounds. His work fit our requirements and he did it promptly."

- Damien

"The timeline was tight, so I was  concerned about completion. He understood what was needed and gave great suggestions that added value to my contract."

- Chloe Sng, Atlas Associates

"Before meeting him, we had limited luck finding any lawyer who would actually listen to our needs to provide the specific solutions required, and to do so at competitive rates. Boon Gan exceeded all my expectations and was extremely responsive to our tight deadlines."

- Synergy (US consultancy expanding operations to Singapore)

"Good! And efficient. High touch frequency."

- Dr Huam